About Zelda


A passion for design and the challenge of coming up with creative solutions.  This is the daily inspiration that drives her work.  Primarily a textile surface designer, Zelda’s work is informed by visual inspiration as well as sensorial experiences.  Experiencing the world through curious senses, frequently delivers beauty in unexpected ways.  Material research and experimenting with process is a motivating factor in many of her projects.  She sees patterns in nature’s canvas all the time and these patterns are what feed her surface design approach:  natural, interesting, always changing.  With previous work experience she thrives on the positive energy of the Team and is intuitively skilled in communicating at many levels of the organisation. She believes the journey to success begins with innovative thinking and ends with flawless presentation, which is why she can always be relied on to give her very best.  Creativity is in her DNA. Its what keeps her up at night.  And she loves it.