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Natural Dyeing

Zelda is very interested in the exploration of shades and hues available from plants for natural dyeing. She feels there is something very mysterious; and appealing about the unpredictable process of using nature’s harvest as dye-stock, whilst achieving a wonderfully authentic feel. Marigold (left) harvests a lively golden colour.



Learning to weave has opened up a whole new world of texture and the possibilities to create patterns seems endless.


Sewing and Fabrication

Zelda has advanced sewing skills including pattern layout and planning. Projects often require prototyping and sketch models have to accompany presentations. These skills are essential for proper testing and measurement prior to final implementation.




A different intepretation of using thread in stitch, the Japanese art of Sashiko has brought a new excitement to many of Zelda’s projects. Here the Sashiko technique is used in conjunction with Itajime Shibori.



Further material explorations with Itajime Shibori combined with the curious technique of Indigo vat dyeing.


Surface Design

The use of colour as a design tool is one of Zelda’s strongest skills as a designer. Colour palettes, harmonies and trends are intuitively explored and interpreted through various surface pattern techniques. Zelda is skilled in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and also uses hand sketching and photography in creating surface designs


Digital Textile Printing


Eco Printing

The use of natural materials like plants, flowers and seed-pods to transfer pigment to textiles is a technique Zelda enjoys using a lot, especially in combination with natural dyeing..


Sculptural Felting

The exploration of shape and form in the intresting technique of felting through fibre manipulation.